As life whizzes by and I get older putting pen to paper seems a good idea to record things for posterity.  Since starting a family tree I’ve realised just how little I know about my ancestors and how they lived.  Our current technology makes that now oh so simple.

This blog will no doubt be a bit of a ramble – from life at home,  gardening and my other hobbies, the animals, food – whatever takes my fancy really.  If in years to come it is still around and the family can make use of it, all well and good.

Of course I have already had to consult with youngest daughter on how to set this up (she already has a blog).  I’m quite computer savvy but every now and then something phases me so if it doesn’t seem totally professional you’ll know why!

We live a pretty ordinary existence in leafy Godalming.  Husband and two girls, one already graduated and now working, the other at College.  I’m fortunate to have a large garden which lets me indulge my green aspirations – growing your own, composting etc and which gives us room for the animals.  Just not large enough for donkeys or goats though!!  Food and cooking is a passion and also my hobbies of genealogy, woven beadwork and anything arty that I can have a bash at.   Time of course is the limiting factor with all my hobbies so I tend to flit from one to the other as soon as I have finished a project.


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