Can’t remember..

exactly what I’ve really been up to over the past month or so.  I’ve certainly been occupied .

Primarily I’ve spent a lot of time at the Phyllis Tuckwell Charity Shop in Godalming.  I’ve been volunteering there every Friday afternoon for the past couple of months and I love it.  So much that they find me popping in every now and then to do a couple of hours.

Since this starting this particular post (and abandoning it) I’ve now been at PT a further few weeks. Still loving it.  I’m constantly amazed at the generosity of people in the goods they bring in.  Some stuff goes to auction to fetch a proper price and some is researched and valued to sell in the shop.  I spent a pleasurable few hours sorting a carrier bag of disassemble Playmobil which, once researched on the internet, and reconstructed, formed 17 different sets.  As some pieces were missing I contacted Playmobil and they supplied most of those missing pieces free of charge.  So we were able to sell most of the sets complete raising a decent amount for the Hospice.

Highlight of the month was the stunning gramaphone which was brought in and which sold quite quickly for £300.

Here it is:

I wish we could have kept it in the shop – it was quite a talking point – many children had never seen or heard one.  Thankfully if I ever get the urge to listen to one my my mum still has Uncle Fred’s at home and a good assortment of 75s!
My current project is making a few cakes stands which are very much in fashion at the moment.  I’ve yet to see how they sell.

Hand crafted cake stand using vintage plates

The chickens are still knickerless.  Nearly every day I spray them with an antipeck spray.  The good thing is they are getting so much better at being picked up and suffering the indignity of a spray on the posterior.

We had a brief and mildly amusing episode of broodiness from Ace.  She had got it into her head that she needed to occupy the nest and got quite aggressive about it, attempting to peck and growl at me when I turfed her off.  I had to block her entry three times which she found mildly stressful, pacing around, going up the ladder and when I did the evening spray, as I put her down and went to pick up another chicken, she decided I was worthy of some payback and stabbed my foot with her beak.  That was a surprise and she did actually break the skin.  Next morning…. back to her usual, squawky self, but no sign of broodiness.  Weird!

My garden has been decimated by slugs.  Even the potatoes which have been successful this year have no leaves to speak of.  Runner beans – well, of about 20 planted I have 4 – never enough for a meal in one go.  I planted two courgettes in a wheel barrow which has worked well, except one has somehow turned into a butternut squash.

The fruit in the fruit cage was ravaged by birds.  I really need to find a way of stopping them getting in under the netting.  So, no gooseberries, a few redcurrants and blackcurrants.  For some reason they don’t seem to like whitecurrants.  The tomatoes are growing apace in the greenhouse but the fruits are not bulking up and ripening.  I’m sure I was already eating tomatoes this time last year.

I’ve taken on another project too on the back of volunteering  for the Gravestone Photograph resource,, – to photograph the graveyard at Busbridge and record names and dates, except now it has grown into a project for the Church itself to help document the graveyard.  I do like a project!  I am battling with the ravages of time and weeds though!

This week is A level results week so Nathalie is a bit on edge, trying to bide the time by watching lots of films.  All being well, she’ll be off to Kent Uni to do Film Studies.  She is just back from a fabulous week at Soul Survivor and off again on Friday to the same place for the over 18 equivalent, Momentum.  Let’s just hope it stays dry as she is camping.

Jessica has had a good and bad past few weeks.  Firstly her little car died on her on the slip road of the A3 onto the M25 which meant an AA call out.  It was subsequently found to be really dead so a new car hunt ensued.  She found one over the weekend, a newer and limited version of the MX5 but two weeks later she was shunted by a a tailgater on a country lane and the car is now an insurance write off.  Although, she has been given the opportunity to accept a payment, get it fixed and MOT’d and its back on the road, rather than a larger payment and scrap it.

The good thing was that she has been offered an extension of contract until next June by Microsoft so she will be staying in Twycross.  She’s now on the hunt for accommodation.

Am feeling a bit lazy about this blogging,  mostly I suppose because I’m so busy with other things.  So …it may be a while until the next one!

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