Spring is in the air – or is it summer?

Finally, some lovely warm weather.  I’ve hit the garden big time in a bid to get some seeds going and the garden cleared of the weeds which have accumulated since the autumn.

I finally got round to cleaning out the greenhouse, giving it a good scrub and disinfect.  I feel so much better for that, everything organised now in plastic boxes as snails have been patrolling, eating anything in sight with a paper label.  Hence seed packets with holes, munched instruction leaflets and fertilizers without labels!

A crafty idea came to me when I was shopping in Waitrose (November I think) and saw their little boxes of lettuce seedling for cut and come again lettuce.  Bought one for just over a pound and split the contents up, planting them in the greenhouse border.  I think every single one took and I now have about twenty healthy lettuces.  Thrifty or what!

Tomato seeds are in and just coming up.  Cabbage and leeks sown alongside them in the greenhouse.  In the ground are parsnips, turnips, spring onions, radishes and peas.  The last of the leeks were lifted – quite pathetic ones – but still edible.  Potatoes are next on the agenda  – they are currently chitting in the conservatory and are just about ready for planting.

Did I tell you about the mice?…  We are inundated with them.  I can only assume they are residing in next door’s garden which has been left to grow wild.  Ianto is obviously element and the tally is roughly one a day, sometimes two.  Little Selphie is quite excited by this and has presented Jess with a couple of dead ones at night.  Not sure if she has hunted these as she hasn’t yet (as far as we know!) ventured further than halfway down the garden.  We’ve had live mice, dead mice, half a mouse, just the innards of a mouse and the last straw for me was coming down one morning a couple of days ago to find three piles of mouse thrown up on the kitchen floor, including frog spawn!!!  I then walk into the conservatory to a squelch underfoot and yes, there on my brand new kilim carpet is half a mouse.  Whether or not it matched the half in the kitchen I don’t know – was gagging too much to care!  Steve, if you’re reading, I desperately need my cupboard door and plinth on – the mice are taking refuge behind the fridge which means dragging the whole lot out – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

Jess and I spent a merry half hour chasing a mouse under the sofa, for it to find a piece of escaped popcorn and sit there munching, out of reach.  Unfortunately, we never found it and have to assume it was the dead one found the next morning.  Not only mice, I found a dead bat on the grass too, but not sure if that was a cat kill or not

Rose the chicken has now been put in isolation in a bid to stop her feather pecking.  She is back in the Eglu Go, her penance being to de-moss the lawn as I move her run around.  She doesn’t seem too bothered and when I let the others out to freerange they gather round and chat to her, commiserating obviously!

Selphie and Willow investigate Rose

The four girls sunbathing


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