Maybe it will take a little time…

for the chooks to settle into egglaying.  Again, yesterday one soft, one hard egg.  At least the soft one had more of a shell to it this time and I also know who is laying them now – Gwen.

Today, Gwen hasn’t laid an egg at all – hope that doesn’t mean anything is wrong – I think it takes a while for them to settle into it.  She seems perky enough and I even managed a sly stroke of her in the run today.  She gets very anxious when you go to pick her up and runs.  Mimi is more obliging and does the ‘assume the mating position’ bit.

When they put themselves to bed which is around 10pm and we shut the door they get a quick cuddle and then Gwen is much more amenable even though she goes into her fearful crouch.  She is quite a nervy bird, except when there is food around and she is bold as brass.  She is not averse to a peck or two thinking you have food in your hands – she always aims for my rings.  It doesn’t really hurt but always comes as a shock as they peck really fast.  My home grown spinach is going down a treat and they loooooove grapes – cut up into little bits.  I braved throwing in a slug, more for comedy value really – but I don’t think the slug found much comedy in it.

Am just contemplating a few other things you need in chicken keeping – some cider vinegar (apparently makes their poo smell less obnoxious) and some wormer.  Have seen no sign but can’t make my mind up between chemical or herbal.  Would like some better bedding too.

Yesterday during the morning egg laying session I can’t believe I sat in the garden hoping to catch a glimpse of them in action.  Of course the moment I went indoors the first egg was laid.  Gwen seemed really agitated, started by pacing up and down the wire cage, and attempting to get into the water bowl – then realising it was wet.  I wondered if in her head she felt she needed to be outside to nest or that the bowl was her nesting box.  She eventually tootled inside and spent an eternity turning round and round, pecking at the wood shavings.  It seems they both want to lay at the same time so Mimi joined in and they were both trying to squeeze into the little nesting bit, constantly elbowing each other out of the way.

Silly me was worrying about them breaking the eggs.  Of course, they are designed to be sat on aren’t they?!!  They are however, eating the soft ones so I’ve tried to remove them PDQ.

On the gardening front am getting smashing crop of strawberries and I recently harvested the first turnips which were lovely just boiled and then buttered and seasoned.  Roasted is good too!

And, of course, thank heavens for all the rain – the garden is looking great, although it also means the grass is growing.  With hubby none too bright it hasn’t had a mow in ages and, do you know, in 11 years, I have never mowed this lawn!  Maybe there will be a first!

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