How could I…..?

Forget to blog that Gwen and Mimi laid their first eggs two days ago – perfect little ones in the run and not in the nest box.  How they managed to perform as a duo I don’t know.

This morning though I opened up to a soft egg, that is, with no shell just an outer membrane which had been pecked and fallen though the roosting bars.  I saw some yolk in the nest box and thought they had laid a soft one each and eaten one of them as they were doing a lot of pecking in that area.  However, later, I found a normal egg and this time laid in the nest box.  I’ve given them some grit in the hopes that it sorts the problem.

I decided to relocate the cage run and netting run today for some fresh grass.  I must not have shut the gate properly as I found them wandering round the garden, happy as larry!  Only for a couple of minutes so they were soon herded back in.

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