Spoke too soon!

Back to A&E and another couple of days stay in hospital for hubby.  He’s out now, having had a transfusion and is now taking it easy.  So far, so good.

The chickens are settling in really nicely.  Our temporary fence which I added didn’t prove too much of a barrier.  They flew over the top three times when spooked but we reckon the last was a mass breakout as the two of them suddenly shot over the top in unison.  The thing is, once out, they look a bit confused – ‘how on earth did that happen’ and just stood around giving us an opportunity to herd them back in.  Even Milo helped on one occasion even though he’s a retrieving not herding dog!

Now they’ve had a taste of the big wide run they get a bit miffed when I put then back in the cage run.  Gwen starts running backwards and forwards and they both stand at the door looking as disgruntled as a chicken can.

A couple of days ago they demonstrated a couple of new behaviours – the first being slightly worrying to a novice chicken owner.  Amelia (now known as Mimi!) just fell to one side, leg and wing held out.  It wasn’t until Gwen did the same that I cottoned on to the ‘dying swan’ act as being sunbathing!

The same day they made themselves a little dust bath in the run, rolling and fluffing their feathers in it.  Note to self to fill in hole before I break my neck in it when I move the run.

We now have a new netting run from Omlet which I’ve cobbled together so that it goes from the house and run, allowing them to get back in if they want to.  I have to add an extra bit of netting above the wire run just for extra safety.  They have much more room and obviously love it as they rush out when I open them up and are reluctant to go back in.  It does seem however that whatever enclosure they have they always seem to want to be on the other side.  I see them trying to escape by sticking their heads through – I thought it was just to get to fresher grass the other side until I pandered to them and moved the run a bit…but they still wanted to get to the other side.

They come running as soon as we go in the garden now – ever expectant of a titbit.

The pictures below tell the tale of a fox visit, precipitated by my cat Ianto charging in from the garden, Milo the labradoodle running to his defence to remonstrate with the fox in the garden.  He did his usually charge at the cat flap, a bit more forcefully than usual……

Well, I tried!

The chickens are a constant source of amusement and still following each other around – what one does the other does and if one has food the other wants it.  I watched them have their first squabble over a slug the other day – hilarious watching them run around with the other in hot pursuit, snatch it and then run off again.  I think in the end they got half each which settled the matter.

Finally managed to get back to a little needle felting yesterday.  My model of Milo is coming on – still struggling a bit but it is passable – trying to do his head which is the hard bit and why I have taken a time to get back to it!

The garden has also taken up a lot of my attention – all the peppers, chillies and aubergines have now been potted on – just need to find some homes for them as I have far too many.  Next doors trees are getting more and more unruly – so many saplings have grown – so I have taken the loppers to the overhanging branches – least so that my plants get some rain which thankfully arrived in buckets and has put a couple of inches of water in the pond.

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  1. Sue
    Love the blog
    Well done
    Mark xxx

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